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I am a 42 years old straight single woman living in Fort Worth, Texas

God is good all the time!!!

I'm a BBW with a insatiable sex drive. Willing to do just about anything except No Pain, No Gross, and No Animals!!! Everything else - just ask! And yes - if you are looking for a relationship I am willing with the right guy.Things you should know about me: I smoke, I drink, I have a vocabulary that could make a sailor blush and exercise its use on a regular basis for no other reason than I believe in the 1st Amendment, I am a unrepentant tomboy, enjoy PBS and don't see the fuss about "Dancing with the Stars" ... and occasionally I partake in herbal fun but refuse to use or tolerate anything stronger. Oh - and I will not change for any man or woman. I am who I am. That said: I can be loads of fun, enjoy good brisk chats with lots of laughter and loads of BS =)

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