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I am a 25 years old straight single man living in Bay City, Texas

keep your head up

i am a very easy going guy, and what ever turn the tide might bring i can usually flow with it. I also love to party and have fun with all my friends. I can get a little crazy too but its only in a good way. i love to meet new people any chance i can get. i might seem a bit shy at first but i can assure you that does not last long. I was raised to be a gentlemen and I'm usually very polite. I'm very adventurous, and i love to be outside. friendly gatherings,bonfires, booze,beaches,pools,camping, road trips, and movies are all things you can find me enjoying. I like and listen to all kinds of music, from Techno to rock ... except for country lol. I make for very good company and great conversation. if you'd like to learn more about who i am and what i do, all one needs to do is ask

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